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Aquadea Cloud Touch based on Wilhelm Reich Cloud Buster

. Is there an attempt to keep our consciousness & our self-development at a low flame? We humans and our environment, we are exposed to many influences - natural and artificial. E-smog, TV, 5G, Montauk, chemtrails, HAARP, artificial viruses, nanoparticles ... are our visible & invisible - and mostly unwanted - companions. These technologies consist of numerous information clusters that have a strong influence on body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, the information contents mostly elude our conscious access. The "senders" of these messages and their motives seem to be mostly directed to keep the human being as a part of the matrix (slave): performance, adaptation, work in the wheelwork, savings contract, fear ... If now pictures of the Orwell state appear,...

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Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics | Verbotene Kristallsymmetrie

--- Roger Penrose - Forbidden crystal symmetry in mathematics and architecture Roger Penrose   Verbotene Kristallsymmetrie in Mathematik und Architektur Keppler, Schechtmann, Mandelbrot, Fraktale, Goldener Schnitt ...   Ein Teil des "Musters" . Ein Einblick in den Grundaufbau der Natur. Die verborgenen Baupläne. Diese Grundlagen findet man auch bei Keppler ... .  In alter islamischer Kunst. Schechtmann.   Sir Roger Penrose provides a unique insight into the "forbidden symmetry" of his famous penrose tiles and the use of non-repeating patterns in design and architecture. It is a rigorous mathematical theorem that the only crystallographic symmetries are 2-fold, 3-fold, 4-fold, and 6-fold symmetries. Yet, since the...

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Is a ppm conductivity TDS measurement sufficient to assess the water quality of tap water or filter water?

... Is a ppm / conductivity / TDS measurement sufficient to assess the water quality of tap water or filter water? Not at all ! In a conductivity measurement, also called TDS measurement, PPM measurement or Microsiemens measurement, only the electrical conductivity of the water is measured, ie only electrically charged molecules (ions) are measured. In the case of drinking water these are the most frequently occurring conductive substances: calcium and magnesium, ie their salts. Since water itself has no charge, only the conductivity and thus the amount of ions in the water is measured. This measured conductivity value can be used to determine if a reverse osmosis membrane is functioning properly or properly connected after initial setup. However, the calculated...

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