The AQUADEA Crystal and Vortex. Technology for the growing new society.

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The AQUADEA Crystal and Vortex

This information most likely comes to you today because you have already been informed about our innovative products in the area of water vitalization. These products incorporate the ingenious vortex technology. It was our wasserglasblumemission to build upon and further the fundamentals established by Viktor Schauberger regarding water vortices. We are more than happy to say that our actual vortex technology including its vortex cells is one of a kind! Furthermore it is a pleasure for us to discover that you have become interested in creating your life in a more conscious manner. In some respect this i s almost inevitable. When this happens it becomes a natural that you then begin to inform yourself about our commonly shared fundamental element in life “water”.

In following many other well known mystics, healers, physicists or even entire cultures – whether Aztecs or Egyptians – we also started off onto our own search for answers. One of the questions which captured our interest was: When and why do we experience things as: well integrated, harmonious, beautiful and pleasing?

It is the principlefibunaccie by aquadea residing within the Golden Ratio where we discover the significant relationship between consonance and
coherency of parts, as well as their totality and how this relates to harmony. Those objects, such as a house or a table, which are produced in accordance to the Golden Ratio, allow the observer precisely this very harmonious experience referenced in our question.

The Golden Ratio is the foundation upon which our vortex cells are based.

A further innovative characteristic pertinent to the construction of the vortex cells is the Fibonacci Sequence which gives rise to the Golden Spiral. Both Leonardo Fibonacci and Viktor Schauberger were observers of Nature. Fibonacci was the first to discover that nature followed a simple mathematical principle. This was true for every plant as well as many organisms, as was discovered e.g. in a snail's house. The growth of this house followed congruently a specific numerical sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, and so on.   This fibun-aquadeameans that every following Prime Number was the sum of the addition of the last two numbers. A fundamental statement of Viktor Schauberger was: “You are turning incorrectly...” It's about implosion, that is to say about “a force which is directed inwardly” and not an explosion which is directed outwardly and also diffuses.

Water pressure becomes suction: A plastic lid is held under the shower head.

Water pressure
becomes suction:
A plastic lid is held
under the shower head.

The plastic lid is pulled up through the suction and the vortex activity.

The plastic lid is pulled up through the suction and the vortex activity.


Through the suction the plastic lid is held and turned. Reference: Viktor Schauberger

Through the suction the plastic lid is held and turned.
Viktor Schauberger

All that we don't know about water still awaits our discovery. Schauberger had postulated certain bioenergetic, essential metals as well as the practical implementation of implosions. AQUADEA has consistently contributed to the development of this knowledge by increasing the speed at which the water is moved through the vortices and by the utilisation of crystals!


Aquadea Vortex Cells: A Dynamic Effect

These unique cells amplify and accelerate the water through the vortices. Consequently they act as catalysers. This results in a much higher frequency which invigorates the water. The significant specification here lies in these
vortex cells serving as force fields and this being independent of whether they are in our AQUADEA showers or in the tap water vortices.

Our Physical Environment

Meanwhile science has proven that matter is not a solid substance. There are theories about the concept “matter” which state that it is comprised of energy. A very essential aspect of energy is its characteristic as “a force or a power having an inward effect”. This means it has the power or potential to move or change something. When two forces of equal power converge, this leads to a point of standstill. This can easily be experienced, e.g. in the area of music. When two opposing vibrational waves, having the exact same characteristics, converge, a standing wave is created. The 'standing wave' continues to vibrate in time but not locally. We have a similar constellation when it applies to the convergence of whirlpools. When two whirlpools merge a very complex 'standing wave' arises.
We can see this in the example of spaces or rooms where argumentation has occurred. One can frequently perceive a tension in the air when initially entering this area. This is also an example of such 'standing waves' which are of more subtle frequencies than tones.


If one was to create multiple 'standing waves' within a very small space this “spot” or point could then manifest as matter. In other words if you were to walk or run into this spot you would literally bump into it and could even be bruised. If we follow this train of thought even further this leads us to the conclusion that atoms, electrons, quarks
etc. are ultimately 'standing waves' containing differentiated and specific characteristics. In the context of human beings: if one of the most subtle forms of a 'standing wave' is the soul, then the following conclusion brings forth an even further dimension of understanding:

Research in the area of quantum physics amazed scientists, when they discovered that quanta behaved differently when it was observed, than when not observed.

Physicists could only determine the location and impulse of an electron based upon the factor of 'probability' and this is consequently true for all matter. So, it obviously contains characteristics of consciousness. In our modern day world we frequently run into the saying “the power of creation” or the “power of manifestation”:
We slowly begin to recognize more and more that we are not populating a stable – and consequently unchangeable - material world, but rather we find ourselves within a field of constantly changing dynamic energies and  oscillations. Everything around us is comprised of energy fields, ones which we can either perceive intuitively or
consciously. As humans, we are capable of influencing, changing and directing these energies via our thoughts and the power of our heart. Within the AQUADEA crystal-vortex cells there is a kind of construction which produces
geometrical vortices or whirlpools. These contain certain patterns of frequency with nodal points. The nodal points contain 'standing waves'. Through the patterns of frequency the standing waves are brought into motion and some are even dissolved. Disharmonious patterns of frequency have proven to easily give way to a clarifying
structuring. This is especially true when the vortex cells are in and of themselves resonating with “the force of Life”; in other words resonating with “survival, function, joy...”

In addition to that, it shouldn't be ignored that the form of the AQUADEA vortex cell corresponds to: the geometrical figure of the

Flower of Life; the Golden Ratio, as well as to the Fibonacci- Sequence. A Torus arises in the center of these cells! It is by virtue of this very exact geometrical structure that many people experience a build up of an “energetic field” (a force) whilst showering. Some of those of you, who are clairvoyant or socalled “sensitives”, can even see this energy field with its play of colours.

The Physical World and the Zero-Point Energy

According to the physicist Nikola Tesla, who was also an electrical engineer and the discoverer of the Zero point energy, we can assume that this Zero point energy represents a matrix from which matter emerges in a compressed form. One could say that this Zero point energy represents the original sphere of action of Creation itself. Every form of energy known to man has its causal beginning here, regardless of whether it is in the
form of compressed energy or radiation.

In order to give you an understanding of how the AQUADEA crystal and vortex technology works and thereby affording you an easier utilization of the AQUADEA Tap water vortices and shower heads, it's important for you to know of this energetic aspect. In all of the vortex cells pressure is transformed into suction (Victor Schauberger principle). In order to achieve this, water pressure is required. In most of the cells a pressure measuring two bar is necessary- or a flow from about 1.5 Liters per Minute. The nano-cells require a flow-rate of minimum 0,3 liters per minute. Consequently most of the reverse osmosis-systems can be equipped with a tap water vortex swirler.

 Swirling into Oxygenation

By reason of their structure the vortex cells draw the water, swirling and filling it with air, upwards to the top. Consequently from the very beginning, two primary swirls arise which mutually accelerate each others speed, whilst simultaneously swirling upward into and through an ever narrowing cell space. At their highest rate of speed they converge at the Zero point. Here the water clusters are more or less “pulverized” and the  clustered molecules of oxygen are dispersed. The resultant aerated water now contains more free oxygen molecules, which rotate in the form of micro and nano swirls. This in turn enriches the water with further oxygenation. A simple analogy, to help you visualize this process, could be to imagine having a ball and out of this one ball many small balls would arise. The available surface, i.e. the bonding capacity of the oxygen in the many smaller balls, is radically increased and energized.

Spatial Symphonies

In our new crystal vortex chambers that very point, where the two primary swirls converge and undergo the Zero point, is made out of pure natural crystal. At that point of the highest speed, coupled with the least amount of expansion, the swirling vortex impacts the crystal and instigates its vibration. This undulation exponentiates the
energetic force of the crystal and the crystal's structure is transferred into the water. It is here that a coherency simultaneously arises within the geometry, the water, the crystal, the metal and the environment. This “field of energy” expands into the environment. The non-coherent structures within the surrounding space begin to dissipate – a healing sets in. The longer this water can flow through the cellular vortices without disruption,
the more coherency will arise in that space. Coherency in the context of laser light means bundled, concentrated, energetic and shows a consonance amongst the photons.

The Golden Ratio and the sacred geometry
show a coherency with the basic structure of the universe and with matter itself.
Coherency could also be described as the dissolution of separation or as proximity a universe-spiral-galaxy-aquadeand onsonance.
Within a psychological context, it could be described as the increased ability of man's awareness to mentally and emotionally penetrate things.

When one can do this, then one feels more connected; the things appear to be more orderly and a feeling of being able to act returns. Werner Habermeier describes this coherency, which arises around and through the vortices, as “being attuned to life and its areas of expression”. When one comes into proximity with a strong coherency to life, this resonates deep within the seeds of knowledge inherent in each individual. The soul is then fortified. It can more easily penetrate the inner chaos and express itself outwardly, thereby arriving into the NOW. Coherency with life is life-giving. This can be
experienced when we are in a pristine area of nature or in the presence of a waterfall.
The longer water flows through a crystal-vortex cell, the more extensive the field of energy and the
more coherent life within this space becomes. The sound and therefore the vibration of this shower is
also transferred into that space!


Can you imagine the extent of the unfolding potential of higher order which will occur within this space? Frequently customers tell us that they utilize this space as a booster for:

  • creating new structures
  • detoxing the body
  • meditating
  • visionary work or
  • just letting go on different levels.

The expanding field of energy arising out of the vortex cells feels as if it is influenced by the respective nvironment. Factors, such as: the order and denseness of the relevant space, the vibration of the objects there, as well as the number, mindset and condition of the people therein, play a significant role. The more dulled down this
environment is, the slower the field of energy seems to expand. Theoretically the oscillation of the crystals would expand immediately. However, when the environment contains an element of chaos, it seems more difficult to perceive this oscillatory expansion or to perceive the arising coherency. When the AQUADEA LifeSource Vortex or the LifePower Shower Vortex is turned off, it seems as if the original condition within the room returns. Despite appearances, a residual change within this space can verily be detected. Gradients of effortlessness and joy can begin to manifest.

By the way, the basic frequency of vibration of the vortex cells is congruent with the following factors:

  • with the highest frequency of the heart chakra
  • with many Overtones
  • with the required frequency for the reparation of DNA
  • with the frequencies for miracles
  • with the frequencies for connecting with the spiritual world
  • with the frequencies for transformation

This is the frequency around 528 hertz as well as the color green. Vortices contain many other frequencies, ranging
from the bass wave up to the ever more spiritualised areas.  Due to the fact that within the water conduits
there is no absolute constant pressure, no mechanical and static frequency can establish itself there! Life is also non-static. It has even been documented to show that the greater the variability of a person's heart rate (ECG), the more vital and open this person will appear to be. On the other hand, people, who have chronic or
serious illnesses, have a heart rate like a metronome. It is non-varying. When the vortex cells, multiple cells, are arranged in an interconnected manner, an even higher and more interesting variability in the pattern of
frequency arises. (ref.: Solfeggio Frequencies)

Our Body also Benefits from the Swirled Aquadea Water!

Apart from the defined effects of the AQUADEA vortex cells we have a very important factor and that is the water itself! Do you know the difference in bodies of water? Just imagine standing on the
shore of a leveled canal. The water boringly moves along and dully makes its way along its limitations.
How does that feel? Wouldn't you rather stand next to an invigorating mountain stream; one which brings fresh and flowing water through its twists, cragginess and different courses! Here you can feel life pulsating! This is a place where one would like to stay! Here it is difficult not to feel good nor happy!

This is an aspect which water,
i.e. nature has: The swirling causes water to revitalise!


This invigoration can easily be experienced through the swirling which transpires in our AQUADEA vortex cells.

“I feel much lighter after such a shower!”

“My skin feels like silk.”

“Since we've been using the swirling vortex for our tap water, even our child likes to drink water.”

Those are just some of the statements from our customers, who have used either the tap water vortex swirler or the AQUADEA shower head. A decisive factor is that a changed quality in the water is perceptible! It is softer, clearer and has more flavour!

Either through drinking, showering or bathing in this water we can affect and manifest a long term improvement in our well being and accumulate more life affirming energy!


The reason that our body cells sometimes show initial reactions, to the vorticity of this water, has to do with the body's adaptation to a higher orderliness in its structure.

We are presently working on documenting the different processes within the body system.

You are invited to share with us: your experiences, investigative results or realizations regarding the AQUADEA water!

Which material transfers the optimal impulse?

As to be expected, it required a lengthy search and testing of materials, in order to find those whose frequency and pristine state provided us with the optimal foundation required, in order to produce our AQUADEA vortex chambers, for the swirling of tap water, as well as for the shower heads! The result of this search is the bronze bell clapper.

It is pure and without any lead. It has the ability to transfer the finest sound waves and high
frequencies, so tells us why it was originally used for bell construction! On top of this a layer of
precious metals are placed and these correspond to the “root chord”. In addition a variety of pure
crystals, precious stones, semi-precious stones and quartz crystals are augmented in order to
offer a variety of “overtones”.

The root tones of the AQUADEA vortex cells are:
Gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, platinum and titanium with their own homeopathic properties.

The Aquadea Crystal Tones

The overtones of the AQUADEA crystal vortex cells:
Quartz, rose quartz, aquamarine, diamond, sapphire, ruby, tourmaline, shungite ...
These days you can find a wide assortment of literature on precious stones and their effects, so here, we only present you with a minimal overview of the impact some of the crystals in our AQUADEA vortex cells have:

Rock Crystal

rock-crystal-aquadea-toneThis stone clears and heals, improving one's ability to perceive inwardly as well as outwardly. It strengthens the individual's personality and bestows more energy. It also strengthens the effects of other stones.


Rose Quartz
In a very gen tle manner this stone assists you in achieving self-love. It supports one in the heart chakra, as well as helping rose-quarz-aquadea-tone you to open up to those in your environment and assists you in recognizing one's true needs.


The quality of the diamond's frequency depends upon whether it has been cut or it is raw. Raw diamonds are
powerful and earthy. Cut diamonds on the other hand, bring an enormous amount of structure and an intense density of energy, which can be quite demanding at times.

It makes water soft and carries a tone of truth and perseverance. It supports clear communication and can help to
open up your horizon. It is our recommendation for you to listen to your own intuition in discovering which crystal vortex cell is the optimal one for you! If, however, you would like some consultation on this matter, it would be our pleasure!

Would You Like to Drink Crystal Water or Prefer to Bath in Gold?

Please give us a call or send an email !

The Aquadea LifePower Vortex Shower Heads
The AQUADEA Shower  heads are equipped with  five or seven vortex chambers in a  sequential alignment.

Aquadea Crystal-Shower-Head Rubin Vortex Chamber

Aquadea Crystal-Shower-Head Rubin Vortex Cell


They can be ordered with or without the  overtones from the crystal stones. However, in  combination with the respective materials (root tone) and the selection of the desired crystal  (overtone), very different qualities and tones can be manifested.



Here will you find a survey about the aquadea vortex shower heads.


Vortex Shower Head: LifePower "TrueSelf" | PLATIN 7 with Niobium

Earth Grounding, Abundance and Being oneself

The new shower-head named „True Self“ with its crystal vector , was inspired by the experience of overflowing abundance and an unobstructed access to all of one's abilities and talents.  ... for more please klick here.

Our Aquadea implosion vortex chambers have the property that they build up a growing ethereal torus vortex field. Each crystal has an etheric field. Each crystal radiates certain healing frequencies. The incredible difference between the field of a crystal and an Aquadea Implosion vortex chamber is that the field of the vortex chamber becomes larger and larger the longer water flows through the vortex chamber in one piece. In this way, several kilometres of diameter can be well harmonised and revitalised within days. Life energy is distributed into the environment. People become more stable and less susceptible to influence.



This extraordinary shower-portal consists of 28+1 crystal vortex cells which have been brought into the form of the Flower of Life!

The extremely strong intensity of the many AQUADEA cells, the precious metal and the rock crystal are awesome! The water bubbles softly forth and gently bathes the skin. It feels fantastically gentle and playful and the arising energy field invites you to invigorate yourself! It's not only fun to shower beneath it, but it also lends itself as a spouting fountain or waterfall to be enjoyed continuously, e.g. in parks, gardens, hotels or Spas. This water gateway exudes a strong attraction and fascination and creates a center of energy! You just feel good being in its vicinity! Made of pure titanium, silver and crystal. In Germany.

It is seawater resistant, cleanable and extremely water-saving. It only needs about half the water of a regular maxi shower. With incredible fine water and high-life energy. The recommended retail price for the basic model is around € 3900 excluding tax.

heilung dusche wirbel schauberger aquadea

Aquadea - Our Shared Vision of a Healthy Cooperation!

We have made it our mission to learn about and from water and to teach it! Let us join together and make a communal effort to save our water, so that it will be here in a healthy condition for future generations and be available to all. So, now you have learned much about the effects of the AQUADEA vortex cells and the energy fields which they create. We have recognized this potential and it is our Vision to use this for the benefit of everyone. 

Join in with us and connect up with the life affirming energy field of AQUADEA water! The more vortex cells create their energy fields around the world and connect up with each other, the more healing order and space will arise. This is why – once a week – you should let your AQUADEA vortex cells be active for an hour or

When all of us, who have the AQUADEA vortex  cells as shower heads, or in the form of a tap water module or as a gateway, let the water run as described every Friday during the time of 15 h to 19 h, a superordinated, connective energy field will arise. This global field can then become an impulse for a natural and higher structure of order.
Here nature itself can connect up and receive an impulse to regenerate.

Please do not be hesitant and worried about “wasting your water” this way!

Your flowers will be very happy to receive such water and the cleansing processes of waste water, as well as the work of purification installations, will be accelerated through and benefit from this. In the spirit of unity, we hope to have afforded you a small insight into our technology and philosophy.


Please enjoy your new water experience!

Your AQUADEA Team & werner



Basic Informations Viktor Schauberger





English Information pdf Aquadea :

Aquadea LifePower Crystal Vortex Shower Heads

Aquadea Crystal Shower Heads Survey for printing out

Please look here: Aquadea Showerheads


The Aquadea Crystal & Vortex - PART 1

an overview of the products of Aquadea Vortex Technology Aquadea Kristall-Wirbel-Kammern

for a new society shape

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The Aquadea Crystal & Vortex - PART 2

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Aquadea LifePower Shower Heads CARE INSTRUCTION

Aquadea Crystal Shower Heads care instruction for printing out

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Aquadea LifePower & LifeSource Pricelist British Pound

Aquadea Crystal Shower Heads Prices  -  sorry - a new one is in work - please send us an email, thanks -

Please look here: Aquadea Prices € & British Pound

Water Filter with Vortex:

For drinking water we have 3 different models, each with the same filter cartridge. They vary in price and aesthetics. A simple and very hygienic quick-change system to prevent contamination.

The filter cartridge has 2 stages:

a) a patented activated carbon block with 0.8 micrometer pore size and

b) a Japanese hollow fibre membrane with 0.1 micrometer as germination barrier. For actually germ-free water - approx. 8000 litres per cartridge. Flow rate approx. 3 litres per minute at 3-4 bar pressure.         Here you will find deeper informations about the filter technology.

This is the material level.

Then comes the vortex level, where we can effectively extinguish old information structures by implosion and get an enormous amount of vital energy into the water. We practically take the water out of its apathy and reconnect it with the soul of the water. We have an analysis here, but unfortunately only in German. The pictures may be meaningful for you. This water has a very powerful healing and cleansing effect. Almost immediately noticeable while drinking the first glass.

In addition to the implosion, we have integrated the Holy Geometry, the Golden Section and the natural growth curves into the technology. For a connection to the basic structure of nature. So did Mr. Schauberger, but it can hardly be found in his descriptions.

Furthermore, we use pure crystals exactly at the vertebra's reversal point and thus in the central area of the implosion. The type of crystal brings a different overtone into the water.

Overview: Coutertop Water Filter with vortex:

This Okato model is the cheapest model with a TonOne silver crystal:


This following model with real wood base and stainless steel can be offered for a slightly higher price. Made in Germany, with German wood, varnished. It is slightly heavier than the plastic model and has a smaller footprint.


This model, the Okato Nature, is our luxury model, the complete housing made of pure wood and stainless steel :

Filter with Vortex Trinity (silver model)

The 2 Aquadea water vortices models for drinking water:

a) ToneOne with a crystal vortex chamber and crystal outlet - maximum flow rate: approx. 3.5 litres per minute




b) Trinity with 3 parallel crystal vortex chambers and crystal outlet - maximum flow rate: approx. 9 litres per minute The Trinity has overall better water quality test results and is higher in price. In the meantime, we have managed to produce approx. 60 % of the crystal swirl chamber from pure crystal.


On the filter models, either a ToneOne or a Trinity can be fitted.

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